Crew and Equipment

Crew: We have all the skilled manpower for various production jobs like Camera Operation, Lighting & Sound Recording to Editing, Direction, Production Management and Research & Scripting.

Equipment: We can provide you the following Equipment and Facilities on hire-

Professional Video Equipment-
A. Cameras (only with Operator) -
    1. Sony EX3
    2. Canon XF 305
    3. Canon DSLR 5D Mark II and III
    4. Panasonic HVX200
    5. Panasonic HDX 900
    6. Sony HDV - Z Series (Z1, Z5 & Z7)
    7. Sony DVCam PD170
    8. RED One
    We can arrange for other models as well.
B. Teleprompters (with Operator)
C. Green Screen
D. Non-linear Editing (with editor) -
    1. FCP (Final Cut Pro)
    2. Canopus Edius Pro
    3. Adobe Premiere Pro
    4. Avid Pro Express & Mojo
E. Lights (Only with Camera and crew) -
    1. HMI
    2. Kino Flo
    3. Softies
    4. From 500 W to 2K
    5. Cool lights
    6. Porta Kit and Modelling Lights

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